Shots of my custom Amish LEGO magnifigure, taken in Intercourse, PA right outside my hometown in Lancaster. These were shot by me in fall 2015 when I recently bought a car and traveled home for my 31st birthday:


This was the first image in the set, taken on an evening near a motel by Old Philadelphia Pike. It was rather dark, so I held up my cell phone camera’s light right above the shot to create a faux sun effect with lens flares.


This picture was taken with a wide-angle lens in the backyard of a bed & breakfast off Old Philadelphia Pike. The farm in the background had a horse which kept staring at me during the shoot, but alas, he/she didn’t get in the shot. This one was difficult to take, as the wind was frequently blowing over the figure.


This was taken with a vintage 1970s telephoto film lens. I placed my figure on the ground on the edge of a farm adjacent to a church parking lot, and managed to get a cool photo with a depth of field effect.

This one was also from the farm near the church parking lot, and taken with the same vintage film lens — however, it’s a slightly alternate shot, and edited much differently in Lightroom.


This was the final shot taken in this set. After I wrapped up taking pictures from two other spots in Intercourse, I parked my car off the side of Old Philadelphia Pike, crouched down, and successfully snapped a photo of my little Amish figure coincidentally as a horse-and-buggy dashed by.

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