A LEGO Mortal Kombat fatality vignette featuring my Scorpion BigFig and an unfortunate unnamed skeleton!

This entire set was a practical effect, and used no CGI nor composite images, with the only exception being the color remastering in Lightroom. To get this scene, I placed both figures on the table, and anchored their feet with sticky tack. Behind the set is a dark red cloth with a flashing fire party bulb pointed directly at it; this is the same party bulb I used for my Halloween head sculpture images. Pointing towards Scorpions flames is a small blacklight, which causes the neon orange LEGO pieces to glow. The shot is taken with slow exposure, and quickly during the exposure time I’d shine a red light at Scorpion to give him red highlights.

This shot took about two hours to setup and take, and the big issue was the stability with the skeleton. The skeleton’s body was too flimsy and kept toppling over in takes, which would cause a domino effect that knocked over the flames.

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