Just a few updated shots of my 2014-edition LEGO Game Boy Advance Transformer “Vantage” in his light-grey and green-screen variant. As you know, after I made the original purple Vantage in 2014, I subsequently built multiple color clones, including this classic Game Boy grey edition.

For these particular shots, I’ve taken the photos in low light with green and yellow spotlights shined directly at the subjects. Later in Lightroom I messed with the saturation and highlights.

For this particular shot below, I’ve used my macro lens to shoot my old cartridge of Ultima: Runes of Virtue – my favorite Game Boy game – which is an extremely difficult game that I’ve sadly never actually beaten! I used to play this game during long road trips in my youth; as its gameplay was a top-down adventure similar to the original Zelda series. What was so difficult about this game were the constant booby traps and puzzles throughout the levels, which made it damn near impossible!

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