February 1st, 2017: On this day, exactly seven years ago I left my home of humble blue collar work in rural Pennsylvania — and embarked on a journey to the New York City metro. After settling in Jersey City and eking out an existence working third-shift in retail, I soon found an entry level graphics job in Manhattan for a small electronics company in March 2010. From there I migrated to Brooklyn and eventually Queens — then within time I steadily grew my creative portfolio from multiple companies into that of a senior graphic designer. For everyone who had faith in my creative endeavors and encouraged my farfetched aspirations, I thank you for another successful year. Having only ever earned a high school diploma but never attending college, this career of mine is a result of my own talents, hard work, and ingenuity.

Hopefully within the year I’ll help launch a new electronics company. Mum’s the word.

Hail to the Baron!

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