I’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t I?

As many of you know, here in the USA on Wednesday January 13th 2016 there was a major lottery drawing valued at over a billion dollars. In all of my entire life, I’ll admit that I’ve never once gambled — never — not even for a simple lottery ticket. But, with the unusually high jackpot, I felt greedy, and seriously considered buying a ticket moments before the draw. I ultimately never bought one, but when I later learned the winning number sequence, my heart nearly skipped a beat — for the winning numbers contained my date of birth, along with my lucky number. The sequence was 8, 27, 34, 19, 4, and a Powerball of 10. My birthday is 10/27/1984, and my favorite number that I often use in my media is 34. How eerily bizarre is that? For the jackpot, the first five numbers can be in any order, as long as they correspond to the chosen lottery balls, and the Powerball number (6th) matches the chosen one. I don’t feel guilty, since in my defense the original number I planned on using would have been something totally different than the winner, and if I were to use my birth date, I would have picked it in direct linear order (10, 27, 19, 8, 4) with something else as the Powerball. Maybe this is the start of a new chapter in my life: perhaps I’ll become a compulsive gambler. Maybe I’ll be stuck in this attic apartment in Queens instead of a mansion in Long Island.

“Who can say, Spike? In this vast universe, is anything truly forever?” – Optimus Prime

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