These are some artistic outdoor photos of my LEGO Amish Magnifigure taken near a parking lot of Rumspringa Brewery in Bird-in-Hand, PA. I shot these during my vacation back home in September 2022:

Next to the parking lot of the brewery is a farm, where I placed the figurine in the grass at sunset during evening time, and snapped several photos with the sunset in the background. The shots were difficult to get, as there wasn’t enough light in the front of the frame. I used the camera’s flash and slightly diffused it, and then brightened the shadows in Adobe Lightroom. I really like how these turned out, but when editing the photos, I noticed one major flaw: the magnifigure’s left hand disconnected from his arm whilst holding the lower part of the scythe, and its just kind of floating! You can’t unsee it now:

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