The iconic orange Nickelodeon VHS tape was a staple of ’90s culture for those of us growing up back then. I personally had a few of these for repeatedly watching reruns of Doug and The Ren & Stimpy Show in circa 1993-1994.

This particular LEGO creation is actually a lot more elaborate than how it appears on the surface: instead of being a standard solid horizontal build, it’s actually made of numerous layers of bricks and plates arranged in different stud configurations, including a combination of tradition building methods along with SNOT (studs not on top).

For example, on each end of the tape are arched bricks which face opposite stud directions, and use a concealed pattern to interlock securely.

This tape was originally built to be intended as a key component of a larger Nickelodeon-themed MOC I wanted to release in 2022, but eventually retooled the concept to omit the cassette tape – but nonetheless, I built the tape anyway as separate component just for fun. Don’t worry, I plan on eventually building the massive Nickelodeon creation someday, albeit this orange tape won’t be included in it.

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