Using the base design of my LEGO-inspired minifigure pop-art illustration from 2023, I’ve created this painting by projecting the image of my minifigure onto an abstract acrylic paint pour on a 20” x 24” canvas. This is the fourth painting in the series, and uses similar painting techniques of Minifigure 3.

I’ve been tinkering with acrylic paint pours since fall 2023 for a guerilla art project, and as of 2024 I’ve been honing my skills and using new chemicals for better pouring techniques. Combining neon red, neon orange, neon yellow, and titanium white paints from Blick Art Supplies mixed with Hobby Lobby pouring medium, I’ve created an abstract swirled pattern onto the canvas – so when combined, resembled flames. After the paints dried, I added a layer of white paint primer in the shape of the minifigure, and then used a small projector to trace the outlines of my minifigure artwork with a pencil. Then I painted the main artwork with various acrylic paints from Liquitex, Blick, Amsterdam, and Master’s Touch. Most of the paint used was fluorescent, the bulk of this artwork glows under a blacklight. Finally I added coats of Liquitex high gloss varnish.

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