This was a LEGO-inspired design of mine which underwent numerous revisions throughout spring-summer 2023, and was intended to be a T-shirt and street art sticker design. The image below with the yellow border was the finalized, most recent edition which I created into a series of sticker art for graffiti in New York:

The image below was a second version of the graffiti sticker concept using a blue spaceman on a dark background, and the mutated BRUNK logo:

The basis for this image was an original LEGO Classic Space astronaut minifigure from my collection that I shot, and I traced it with my Wacom graphics tablet to create a vector image. The base design was a red astronaut, and I replicated the design numerous times to create a variety of color variations, with the intention of selling them as T-shirt options:

Sadly, most of the shirt designs were pulled from eBay due to copyright issues, so currently I only have a few T-shirt listings available under the radar:

Here’s the full gallery of each color option that I originally sold on eBay and Etsy:

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