Main project: LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers

This is a non-transforming version of my LEGO SNES that was released for the sole purpose of being a LEGO Ideas entry, and to achieve these shots I slightly retooled the SNES Transformer “Super Famitron”, built a non-transforming dummy cartridge, and made the gorilla controller in a fixed state. The reason being was that licensing issues would have been too difficult with trying to submit my SNES Transformer proper as an Ideas entry, so I basically neutered it a bit to be a mere replica of an SNES. Not to mention the transformation part would have been too cumbersome to novice builders and would have required too many pieces.

Unfortunately, due to even more dreaded licensing issues with Nintendo this project was rejected right off the bat, and I wasted my time by modifying the SNES Transformer to be non-transforming. Nonetheless, I still have the photos of the full project here for display, since the non-transforming version is more accurate to its real-world counterparts since it has its various transformation points removed.

Maybe LEGO Group will change their minds and allow me to submit this as a model; I’d love to share this as a retail set.

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