Start Your Morning with Power, Courage, & Wisdom

September 3, 2019By Julius von BrunkUpdates

If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media all summer, you’d know that I’ve been working tirelessly to create a quick stop-motion animated parody of Legend of Zelda breakfast cereal! This is a mixed-media stop-motion LEGO brickfilm animation that I’ve gradually animated and edited throughout the course of over two months in summer … Read More

Ultra Hexacon Turns 5!

September 9, 2018By Julius von BrunkUpdates

Welcome back, Brunkamaniacs! Remember my popular LEGOformer Nintendo 64? Well, it’s officially turned 5-years old a few weeks back! I worked tirelessly to create this massive project which was released in August 2013. I spent the majority of the summer 2013 working to build this without any digital assistance, and now for it’s re-release, I … Read More