Alright, alright, I realize I haven’t updated in over a year. Despite the lack of major site updates on this website in particular, I have in fact been very active and busy in my creative ventures.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you’d know about my planned stop-motion animation video — a LEGO parody of Alice in Wonderland! For those of you just tuning in, last year when LEGO Group released an official minifigure of Disney’s Alice, I was quickly inspired to create a parody video. I’ve been in pre-production for the past several months, including finishing the script, constructing the cast members, and storyboarding the plot. Next I’ll tinker more with Dragonframe, then begin recording the initial footage. A lot of my major creations and photos over the past months have been relating to the characters, such as my giantess Alice magnifigure, the Wonderland card warriors, bobble puppets of the Hatter and March Hare.

I can’t predict when the project will be completed, but I’m aiming for within the next several months. I’m going to play the voices of most of the characters, and have the rest performed by friends of mine in Pennsylvania. The real challenge is finding an actress to play the voice of Alice! I’m also going to get my close kemosabe Skot Shaub of the band Testosteroso to provide a heavy rock soundtrack!

Back in 2015, I hinted at releasing a coffee table book on my creations and photography. I’m eventually going to release the book, but between the Alice video and things going on in my personal life, I haven’t had time to compile the publication. I do plan on calling the book “Ahead of the Rest“, and the front cover will be a composite image of my various head sculpture photos!

During downtime of the Alice video, and when my life stabilizes more, I’ll release the book! In the meantime, be sure to follow me on my various social media ventures to get a ringside seat into the world of Brunk.

-Baron von Brunk

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