Using the essential look of my Game Boy Transformer “Domaster” along with the transformation cycle of my Game Gear “Gearhead”, I’ve made a new LEGOformer named Vantage, who turns into a replica Game Boy Advance — and comes equipped with battery blasters and an automatic shotgun which doubles as a parody Doom game cartridge! This was my first LEGOformer to be designed digitally prior to being built and improved in a physical form. Previous models in this series were made “organically”, as in I’d compile a bunch of similar bricks of specific colors and make a ton of mockups via trial and error before making a final product. Vantage was designed with LEGO Digital Designer first, thus its 3D instructional guide had been released simultaneously.

In early 2015, I created a series of clones in various color schemes: Fire Red, Stealth Black, and Classic Game Boy.

V01 V02 V06 V07 V08 V10Boom

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