These bad boys were created for an Instructables summer 2013 LEGO contest, and naturally I won First Prize! Using the same technology as my other popular LEGO/video game/Transformers mashups, I built a project that really pushed myself to the limits. Ultra Hexacon (the console) transforms smoothly with strong joints and articulation. His two minions (Mecha Kong the ape and Hot-Shot the gun) transform into respective N64 cartridges that fit into his chest slot. Tetragon, the scorpion then acts as his loyal battle arachnid and game controller! Unfortunately, like my other LEGOformers, this does not play games — although it is built within near perfect size to a real Nintendo 64 and accessories. This creation was eventually published in a Portuguese art/design magazine in the fall of 2013; I’m world famous! What’s in a name? “Hexacontatetragon” is the proper nomenclature for a 64-sided polygon, and with N64 being the first 3D polygon-based Nintendo system with 64-bit graphics, the names “Hexacon” and “Tetragon” (the robot and the scorpion) merge as a gestalt when transformed — both physically and in name! The word “Ultra” in the title is an homage to the Nintendo 64’s original name of “Ultra 64” before its North American release.


0000Group01 0000Group02Hex08 Hex12Hex07 Hex01 Hex02DK03 DK01Tetra11 Tetra07 Tetra01 Tetra09000Ammo-Main007-1 007-2

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  1. Dwan Curtis
    January 30, 2016

    How much would that whole set cost? I wanna buy! Please let me know where I can order it

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