Winner of the 90 Years of Play Contest on LEGO Ideas!

My submission to an official LEGO contest to showcase music, futurism, and celebrations – thus, this creation encompasses all three. The Moon Rocks are a far-out cosmic rock band with a hypersonic sound totally out of this world!

This is based off a concept I tinkered with in 2015-2016 which featured a fictional LEGO rock band comprised of astronauts, known as The Highway Stars. Only unlike my previous build which depicted the spaceman band traveling in a flying rocket convertible car, this particular new concept features the band performing on a lunar base.

The ground begins with dark grey bricks to give the rocky appearance, which then has a simple structure of light grey to mimic the look of a space station, and uses numerous pipes and tubes for design effect. On the stage you can see the five members, each wearing outfits reminiscent of classic Space minifigures. The audience is a mix of various spacemen from different eras – including M-Tron, Blacktron, Space Police, Uitron, and even a bunch of Mars Mission green aliens. I started working on this in March 2022 and quickly finished the whole project by the beginning of April.

The stage was originally intended to be designed to resemble a giant boombox with cassette player, but instead I utilized the back wall to have a huge JumboTron screen! There weren’t many engineering obstacles since the actual base is rather straightforward, but instead the major challenges were obtaining enough 1×1 plates of the proper colors to make the mosaics. The planet earth mosaic was difficult to map out in Photoshop due to my limitations with blue pieces, and I had to use pinks and lavenders instead.

This project was within the 25 finalists chosen to be displayed at the LEGO House Gallery in Billund, Denmark. As of summer 2022, you can see this awesome creation on display there.

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