It was exactly five years ago today,
Baron von Brunk left his home of Lancaster, PA
In his pictures you never see him smile,
But he’s guaranteed to raise your bile!
So may I introduce to you,
The Baron who’s been here for the past five years years:
Baron von Brunk’s New Yorker Anniversary, man!

On this day in history exactly five years ago, I packed all that I could fit into a rustic station wagon along with my dying cat Tiggs, and sent forth for a new life in the New York City metro via Jersey City — and eventually Brooklyn and Queens. I arrived here virtually penniless and survived one of the most difficult winters ever, only to pull through in a deus ex machina moment in early March 2010 when I was hired for my first entry-level graphics position for an electronics company on Madison Avenue. Leaving Lancaster wasn’t easy, but I’m never going back! For everyone who had faith since then and didn’t think I’d immediately come back broke, thank you for the last five years.


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