A second edition of my 2013-edition Mosaic Super Mario Bros. Sprite Lamp. Like my other mosaic LEGO lamps, this particular model uses a dot matrix grid of Technic pieces with transparent plates to mimic a “Lite Brite” effect. Inside is a small 12W cool white LED candelabra bulb for clear light output, without the heat damaging the bricks. I’ll be selling this bad boy at a forthcoming video game convention.

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  1. Rob
    September 21, 2015

    So glad I bought this bad boy at the video game convention! It sits perfectly on my desk and looks awesome. This is a great lamp and really stylish. It was nice meeting you there!

    • Julius von Brunk
      September 22, 2015

      Thank you! Yeah, I sold both Mario coin block lamps, and all ten of my little blinking Mario power-ups — thus, at subsequent conventions, I’ll be sure to build an army of those kind of electronic models!

      I’m glad you like my work!

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