For Memorial Day 2015, I ventured to my home planet of Lancaster, PA to shoot some photos amongst the rural area where I grew up. In my journey, I took several photos of my sigfig (signature figure) — a “magnifigure” of an Amish man with a scythe!

This photo was taken outside an adjacent farm by Rumspringa Brewing Company, taken with my 28mm wide angle lens.


This photo was taken with a vintage Nikkor telephoto film lens outside that farm adjacent to the Rumspringa Brewing Company. This shot was difficult, since the wind was making the figure wobble, and of course I could only use manual focus.


This photo was shot outside a farm near a shooting range in East Petersburg, PA.


This particular photo was shot indoors at the Rumspringa Brewing Company, a small craft beer place in Bird-in-Hand.


This shot was taken in front of a silo at Plain & Fancy in Bird-in-Hand, PA.


This photo was taken in the evening at a farm near Lincoln Highway.


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