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This gigantic work of art is actually the byproduct of an aborted project: in the summer of 2012, Ripley’s “Believe it Or Not!” in New York contacted me to do a sort of publicity stunt to promote the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th. After we made the final decision to have me build a giant LEGO Batmobile from thousands of black and grey pieces, the idea was scrapped upon the tragic shooting rampage in Aurora, CO. Left with these excess bricks, I decided to construct a giant Nintendo controller — and with some tinkering with Technic pieces and Radio Shack parts, I was able to successfully have the controller function. The large buttons use Technic shock absorbers to make them reciprocate and make contact with pushbuttons soldered to the circuits of an original NES controller. I spent the next few months gradually working on it, but had to stop around early October due to financial reasons — and wasn’t able to pick it back up and finalize the project until November 2012. My ultimate goal (once I repair this) is to have this put on permanent display at a large store like FAO Schwarz — you know, to become this generation’s answer to the giant piano from “Big”! Photos by Gene Kennish Photography.

Full Photo Shoot on FlickrDemonstration videoVideo review on Discovery Channel Canada

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