This is a small LEGO statue of the ghost type Pokémon Gengar, built and photographed by me over a weekend. Although in the games and cartoon Gengar is dark purple, I was unable to construct this with the proper colors due to limitations in my collection, thus I’ve built it in solid black. It’s somewhat articulated, but unfortunately has stability issues because of its small feet. Its legs are also slightly longer than the game/cartoon’s version, which are notably stubby — but, I had to make use with the pieces I had available.


In the above shot specifically, I swapped out Gengar’s red eyes for yellow ones, and took the photo in the dark with a long exposure. This particular photo (and the one below) was shot in front of a white background with red and blue spotlights shined directly in front of the model, and the colors were subsequently remixed in Adobe Lightroom.


Gengar04 Gengar05 Gengar06

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