Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya’, DUCK!!?

Self-portrait shenanigans with my cavalry uniform and original NES Zappers. Getting this shot was incredibly difficult; I recently set up a new lighting and backdrop rig in my attic workshop, and took this photo myself with a camera remote control and autofocus. I’d stand about 5 feet from the camera, form a decent pose (whilst looking at the camera’s monitor), then when a desired pose was made, I took off my glasses and used the remote control with a 2-second delay to snap a picture — the remote was concealed behind my right hand, underneath the grey Zapper’s handle. It took me about 20 or 30 tries to get this right: since without my glasses I couldn’t correctly see the camera monitor, in most of the photos I’m not looking directly at the lens, or sometimes I’d hold the two Zappers out of frame. Still, it was much easier than using my manual focus lens for self-portraits like previously! Also, the HDR effect was done afterwards, and in my opinion actually looks really nice. Background: Mosaic Nintendo World Mural.


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