The Mk.1 prototype of my full-size replica DL-44 Blaster from Star Wars. This was painstakingly built just in time for Star Wars Day 2014, and was difficult to engineer to say the least. The gun functions via pulling the trigger which is rigged up to Technic pulleys and rubber bands, which strikes a Radio Shack momentary pushbutton, which is wired to a microchip stored in the gun’s magazine. The microchip for the light module was made by me using components and a 555 IC timer to make the LED in the gun’s barrel pulse on for one second when hit. The light module is connected in parallel with a hacked Radio Shack sound recorder module, which is ultimately connected to a 9 Volt battery stored in the gun’s handle.

After this test project was completed and photographed, I then moved onto rebuilding the inner circuit to have a custom microchip programmed with Arduino and with an ATmega32 as a brain — the Mk.2 edition.


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