A retooling of my LEGO Homer Simpson head sculpture from spring 2020. It may seem shocking at first, but the concept of a dead, bloody Homer was actually my original plan from the beginning. When I first came up with the idea for the Homer head sculpture, I wanted to make it into a mangled up zombie, as sort of a protest of the current post-Millennium Simpsons being dead and irrelevant. However after I completed about 1/3rd of the head, I decided to change pace and make it into a regular Homer head without any blood or guts.

When I did the blood effects, I uploaded this on Instagram along with a long rant about my disdain for the modern Simpsons:

The Simpsons is Dead. The show which still airs on TV today is not The Simpsons: it’s a zombified decaying mass of recognizable yellow characters in a similar setting we once knew in the 1990s. All of its originality has been made irrelevant in a post-Millennium landscape. Its edginess and dark humor has been completely neutered. The show has lasted long enough to see itself go from a satire against the establishment to eventually becoming a mindless tool of said establishment. Its satirization of the entertainment industry has been forgotten, and instead replaced with heavy-handed kowtowing to the same entertainment industry it once set out to disrupt. Over 30 years of consistent seasons, and each season gradually declines in total viewership and ratings. Voice actors have died, memorable characters have been retired, its key writers have long since left the show, and its early plot development which we grew up with has been eradicated to conform to a modern timeline. Nothing about this show deserves to stay on television. It died many years ago, so just let it rest in peace and exist only as a cultural landmark of the ‘90s zeitgeist. It should have ended 20 years ago at the start of the new Millennium.

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