Bort sold his soul, but it looks like he’s gotten more than he bargained for when his old friend Milhaus showed up to play. Who will survive?

This is a stop-motion LEGO puppet animation which blends live action together into a new form of art. Behold, the new era of brickfilm animation – you’ve never seen anything like this before. Bort Sampson is the first animation of its kind: it won’t be the last.


Julius von Brunk as Bort Sampson, Milhaus von Haussen, Comic Book Guy’s head, and Leeza Sampson’s chanting


“The Simpsons Theme” originally composed by Danny Elfman, remixed and arranged by Julius von Brunk in FL Studio

“Night on Bald Mountain” originally composed by Modest Mussorgsky, remixed and arranged by Julius von Brunk in FL Studio

“Death Fuck” by Skot Shaub with Testosteroso

“Dead-Wood” by Skot Shaub with Testosteroso

“Flowers & Kittens” by Skot Shaub

Video production, LEGO animation, editing, and audio editing: Julius von Brunk


Stop-motion animation footage – Nikon D5200
Live action footage – Nikon D750
Video editing – Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects
Stop-motion recording – Dragonframe
Animation computer – Dell Inspirion 5759, Windows 10
Editing computer – Dell XPS 8930, Windows 10

Inspired by The Simpsons originally created by Matt Groening and developed by Sam Simon, and are properties of Fox.

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