Here’s another component for a major LEGO Nickelodeon project I’m currently constructing: this is the iconic Big Orange Couch from SNICK!

For those of you younger fans, SNICK (Saturday Night Nickelodeon) was a block of shows aired at nights in Saturdays in the ’90s. It was landmark at the time because it introduced memorable shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Roundhouse. I was 7 going on 8 when SNICK first debuted, and was ecstatic to watch it each time. The Big Orange Couch was the mascot, so to speak. For commercial promos and bumpers they’d depict the couch in various locations, sometimes with celebrity hosts sitting on it.

This build was actually incredibly elaborate, since it used multiple stud patterns facing opposite directions with the use of modified bricks and plates. This was done purposely to achieve the black piping design on the cushions, which took multiple tries to get right.

When I eventually complete my giant Nickelodeon project, this couch will be featured as a key component. Stay tuned.

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