Blacktron04 Blacktron05 Blacktron01 Blacktron02 Blacktron03

Massive group shot of a few dozen classic Blacktron II minifigs, taken at night in DUMBO, Brooklyn. My original plan for this set was to place all of the figures on the Brooklyn Bridge, then snap a photo with the sunset in the background to create a menacing shot of the Blacktron figures advancing towards the camera. This proved impossible, as the Brooklyn Bridge was completely swarmed with obnoxious tourists taking selfies, and blocking any vantage points for pictures. I crossed the other side to Manhattan, wandered around Chinatown for a bit, then walked back to Brooklyn where I settled with just simply taking the photos at various points under the bridges.

The first photo was taken on a sidewalk ramp by a visitor’s center, and the rest were taken on top of a railing near the bottom of the Manhattan Bridge.

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