The Year of Julius Has Begun

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Welcome back, folks! To start, I have some major updates and changes in my life! To start, in late October I officially turned 34 years old!

As some of you know, my favorite number is 34 — which means I now declare that this year shall be a vital time of changes and exploration in my life, with many new ventures on the horizon. For starters, I recently quit my job at Goldman Sachs, and at the time of this update, I’m currently about to begin a new telecommute freelance graphics position, which will allow me to have plenty of free time to work on creative projects on the side. In addition, this also means that I can potentially move out of New York and into a new city or state, since I’ll be working at home.

In the past month, I’ve worked on expanding my YouTube channel by creating a few new demo tutorials as well as chiptune songs. Check out some of my recent new videos for my LEGO Hey Arnold! sculpture and my Porygon model:

Another new addition to my YouTube channel is a collection of 8-bit chiptune songs. In other words, cover remixes of popular music using similar sounds and techniques of classic video game sounds, similar to those of retro Nintendo and arcade games! The songs I have uploaded thus far are 30-minute loops of some of the songs I’ve featured in the backgrounds of a few of my other YouTube videos; with some songs including classical music and classic rock! The series is called Macro Chip — and right now, I’ve got a few songs from Volume 1 uploaded.

In other news, take a look over at my media/press section to see my October interview with BrickJounal magazine:

You’ll learn all about my creative process, as well as what sort of work went on in the creation of my best and most popular works!

Meanwhile in Chicago, I’m proud to announce that my electronic LEGO traffic signal lamp is being displayed at an exhibit called Blocks to Bricks!

In Alice in Wonderland news, I haven’t animated much footage since September when I focused on my tutorial videos, but with my new freelance position coming up, I will have much more time to animate some extra footage. I can’t guarantee that the movie will be done by the end of 2018, but I can definitely focus a lot more time and effort, now that I’m not spending every night stuck in the Financial District.

-Baron von Brunk

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