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Posted by on May 24, 2017 in Updates | 10 Comments

Good news, everyone! Things have started to pick back up again in my professional and personal life, which means I’ve resumed production of my stop-motion Alice in Wonderland video! I’ve been tinkering with DragonFrame software, and I created a few test animations of some of the key characters:

Both tests videos were created by me based on my own dialogue which I recorded. In the final cut, I’ll be voicing most of the characters, although I’ll have some of my close friends doing voice work for additional roles. I’m still doing pre-production work, so I can’t quite put a date on its completion. I’m still getting the hang of doing stop-motion animation with audio synchronization, especially since DragonFrame allows importing audio tracks for doing accurate lip-sync. Fortunately, most of the characters are puppets, which is easier than drawing on mouths in After Effects. I also just bought a brand new Dell laptop with 16 GB of RAM, so breezing through this animation ought to be great!


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