Happy 31st Annual Brunktöberfest!

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On this day, I am officially 31 years old — and believe me, have I got some exciting news. A while back, a representative from LEGO Group contacted me via Flickr in regards to my spectacular Nintendo-related creations — and the rep personally invited me to visit the North American headquarters of LEGO. Now that I have a car again, this Thursday the 29th I’m taking a roadtrip from New York City to Enfield, Connecticut to experience one of my boyhood dreams by actually seeing the official LEGO Group offices in person! Afterwards, I’m driving up to Massachusetts to take some outdoor toy photos, then ultimately I’m heading back down to Lancaster, PA for Halloween festivities. To all of my friends, followers, and family — I thank you for another year of your support: with your encouragement, I’m able to continue with various photography techniques, constructing extraordinary models, and pushing my boundaries with electronic engineering. Hail to The Baron! Keep on rocking in the free world!

-Baron von Brunk

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