Baron von Brunk at A Video Game Con

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Last weekend I made history by having my first ever convention booth! In Northern New Jersey, I dazzled video gamers and fellow nerds alike with my massive LEGO NES Controller. Read all about the exciting tale here! Although the preparation for the event was rather stressful, it was a great learning experience, but best of all — I actually got to meet Billy Mitchell himself.

Based on what I’ve learned, I decided to construct and sell a vast amount of LEGO Mario blinkies — since they were my hottest item, and sold out almost instantly. At future convention appearances, I’ll be certain to sell mainly those particular creations in various color schemes.

Also, since the process of renting a car and getting there was such a hassle, I decided to purchase a car at the start of October! This will allow me to visit more conventions and to travel to bigger events. I want to get a Mini Cooper with Autobot insignia! Maybe.

-Baron von Brunk

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