Giant Functional LEGO NES Controller – Mk.II Edition

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Get psyched, Brunkamaniacs!

I’ve revised the outside structure and electronic circuits of my giant LEGO NES controller — now the Mk.II edition! Be sure to watch the new promo video, featuring an interview, a demonstration, and an explanation of its technical aspects:

When I first released this massive brute in 2013, I received a lot of flak from the gaming community for using sticker labels as opposed to LEGO pieces for the exterior. Thus, I’ve rebuilt the outside to be more meta:


In addition, I’ve gutted out the innards and installed a new Arduino circuit, which is much sturdier. Unfortunately, this means I can longer use this to play on authentic Nintendo Entertainment Systems, but only for computers (such as emulators). Nonetheless, I’m going to display this gargantuan model at A Video Game Con in a few weeks!


-Baron von Brunk

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