The Man with the Plumber Tattoo

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Exciting news, Brunkamaniacs!

On Friday July 31st, I moseyed on down to St. Marks Place in Manhattan and got a new tattoo at Addiction NYC:



This is the first piece of a proposed Nintendo sleeve I’m working on. Next I’m going to get a warp pipe with a piranha plant next to Mario, and then a question block. Eventually I’ll add more stuff to my Legend of Zelda forearm, and connect the whole shebang!

With A Video Game Con only a few weeks away, I’m making final repairs to my giant LEGO NES Controller, notably the external design and internal electronics. Back when I first released the project in 2013, I took some flak from the video game community for using the stick-on labels for outer text. In this current modification, I’ve drastically revised it to have LEGO text!


Some of the letters look a little wonky, but nonetheless I’m going for total meta this time around. As for the electronics, I have some good news and bad news: as you know, in the original Mk.I model of this giant controller, I succeeded with the electronics by hacking a real NES controller’s circuit board. This time around I vowed to construct my own circuit board from scratch using an Arduino, but unfortunately, I’m only technologically capable of making an Arduino code for playing games on the computer via emulators. In other words, since the original controller was made with real NES parts, it could be played on a real NES, and with a USB adapter, I was able to play ROMs on the computer. The Arduino code I’m using is strictly for being used as a gamepad on a PC, and wouldn’t work on an original NES. I mean, it’s not a huge deal, but I was seriously hoping I could showcase the giant controller by playing it on an authentic retro system! Oh well.

Until the big convention, I’m only going to do some minor LEGO projects and photo shoots, so that I can prepare for the show. I also have to get dozens of print material made up to sell at the event!

-Baron von Brunk

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