Mario Monday: mosaic sprite portrait work-in-progress!

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Welcome back, little Brunksters!

I take it you saw my recent electronic LEGO Dry Bones Koopa sprite? I built that MOC thanks to a fancy new Arduino code for polyphonic music, which means I shall be using that method more often in subsequent electronic models. Speaking of which, I made a ton of progress on a new illuminated mosaic LEGO Luigi portrait — which shall play music in addition to lighting up! This portrait is built in a similar fashion of my mosaic Link portrait from 2014, only instead of LED strips taped to the back, I’ve fastened on LED panels — and to control the circuit, I’ve made a barebones Arduino circuit controlled by an ATmega328 and several transistors for controlling 12V components. I’ve attached a 16 Ohm speaker as well, which will output the polyphonic music. Check out a video demo here of the breadboard circuit for the music.



The physical LEGO portion is pretty much complete, and as of this update I’m currently perfecting the internal circuitry. Hopefully by mid-July I’ll have this bad boy up and running, and I’ll display it at A Video Game Convention in New Jersey this fall! Speaking of the convention, my next task is to make significant repairs on my giant NES controller, so that I can unveil it to the public.

How did you folks spend your 4th of July? For America’s birthday, I journeyed to Pioneer’s Bar in Chelsea, then to Barcade for several rounds of retro arcade games. Mark my word: some day I shall have my high score on the board for Empire Strikes Back and/or Asteroids Deluxe.

-Baron von Brunk

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