Spring Has Sprung!

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Now that the weather finally no longer sucks, I’ve been taking a lot more outdoor LEGO photos — namely a recent Back to the Future vignette and a Super Mario Bros. gag:




I picked you a purdy flower!

I’m looking forward to hopefully going to Central Park next, if I can schlep all the way over there with my camera equipment. In other LEGO news, I’m going to soon break ground for my next LEGOformer — codenamed “Super Famitron”, if that’s any indication of what it’ll transform into! So far I played around with some joints to experiment with transformation movements for its controller minions — which I’ll probably build first. I’m even trying to rig up a special mechanism with rubber bands and pulleys to make the game slot launch projectiles!

In Reel Splatter news, my good kemosabe Mike Lombardo has made major progress with production of his forthcoming short film “I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday.” I’ve personally designed lots of the graphics for background gags, namely the canned food prop labels. Be sure to follow his Facebook page for updates on the movie; soon I might be venturing to Lancaster for a few days to help out on set again!

As for site updates, I’m still making improvements to this current new 2015 WordPress layout. I’ve also purchased the domain vonbrunk.com which redirects here — as a shorthand link, rather than telling people to go to baronvonbrunk.com. I’d like to purchase BVB.com, but unfortunately it’s owned by some jackass domain squatter in Washington D.C.; I actually have to hire some brokers just purchase it from him. Oh well. Is anyone experiencing any problems with this new layout? Let me know.


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