Turns 10 Years Old!

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No April Fools here — is now integrated into a custom WordPress theme! This current site is a new beta version that’s gradually getting its bugs worked out, but so far it’s coming together — and you know I love it when a plan comes together! is officially 10 years old! That’s right, exactly 10 years ago I purchased this domain from FXdomains and redirected it to a cheap site hosted on, using various crappy graphics I slapped together through Geocities. Through time, I’ve transitioned this site into a hub for my Flash cartoons, and eventually my graphics — and now a hybrid of my LEGO creations and artwork. I want to say thank you to everyone who stuck around all these years!

As for updates, you’ll notice the site is now organized into portfolio pages: the LEGO section has all of my best work from 2011 to today, separated by original creations and simple photography. Also be sure to check out my Play Well Series or decayed retro minifigures! The portfolio section for my designs is split up based on print, t-shirts, Reel Splatter graphics, and promo material for burlesque. Check out my Major Projects section for my in-depth information on my super elaborate creations!

So far, the new site is running fine-ish. I have no major issues, except when testing on my home and work computers, certain pages run sluggishly: this is possibly due to load times with large files, or something wrong with my WordPress theme. Please let me know if you’re experiencing any problems with this new site.


Have Zappers, will travel.

-Baron von Brunk

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