Welcome to the official consolidated portfolio website of Julius A. von Brunk: an talented multimedia artist based out of the New York metro!

In this website, you’ll find a collection of various graphics that I’ve designed both professionally and freelance over the past years. My graphic design talents are very diverse and can include both technical and creative work, as well as for both web and print. Regarding experience, I’ve been consistently working as a graphic artist for various companies in the New York City region since early 2010. Prior to my migration from Central Pennsylvania, I’ve done numerous freelance projects for clients on a smaller scale. To see my LEGO creations and miscellaneous works, be sure to check out my personal website baronvonbrunk.com.


As of lately I’ve been working in creative roles for investment banking, and my prior jobs have mainly involved design for consumer goods. My previous professional job tasks have generally included package layout design via Adobe Illustrator, as well as creating virtual and hard-copy mockups of new products for major retailers. I am well-adept with following branding guidelines – such as style guides, logos, company Pantone colors, and retail displays. Package design is specifically my strongest talent, and in the past I’ve designed multiple consumer goods packaging for a variety of items, including small electronics, cell phone accessories, sporting goods, and promotional giveaways. I’ve even worked with such licensed brands as Disney, Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Major League Baseball, Jelly Belly, and Duracell. My job history is rather diverse and includes design work for industries such as sports, fashion, electronics, and investment banking.

As a personal hobby, I’m an adult fan of LEGO, and I’ve created dozens of large and elaborate sculptures with said medium – some of which have gained quite a bit of notoriety, notably my Nintendo-related projects which have been been featured in Nintendo Power and exhibited at Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center. One of my most ambitious projects was a large 5-foot replica of an NES controller, which uses thousands of LEGO bricks and is actually wired to function via a homemade electronic circuit.

I’m also an independent photographer with a Nikon D750, a D5200, and a variety of lens types with lighting equipment. My usage of camera equipment is more than just a hobby, as I often incorporate it for product photography in my jobs – such as product photography for e-commerce. To see samples of my video and multimedia, please check out my YouTube channel, which also highlights my work with audio editing and motion graphics.

All content on this website was created by me, unless specified.

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Background photo: “Brooklyn Bridge” taken by Julius von Brunk. Widget area photo: “Manhattan Bridge” by Julius von Brunk.