For the forthcoming Reel Splatter movie “I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday“, there’s a particular scene which involves weed killer (I shan’t explain the context, lest I spoil the ending). Ergo, I created several prop labels for the movie — this is the fake bottle of weed killer. The plant photos are public domain from Library of Congress. I filled the design with a ton of inside jokes and personal nods:

  • Plant Man was a character I designed in the 1st grade. He was an anthropomorphic Venus Flytrap, inspired by the Super Mario piranha plants, hence the logo design on the top.
  • Plant Man’s enemies were wonky stick minions known as the “Weed Patrol”; I can assure you the name has absolutely nothing to do with marijuana — I’m serious, stop making that joke.
  • “Dorman Weed” is a fictional plant named after Mike Lombardo’s high school video tech teacher Mrs. Dorman, to whom we all loathed. Mrs. Dorman swore up and down that Mike Lombardo would never succeed as a filmmaker, and that Reel Splatter would be a flash of the pan.
  • Some of the weeds listed on the back are in fact real weeds, although some of them are named after ex-girlfriends and former enemies of mine, as well as my step-dad. I also threw in the title of a certain Metallica song.
  • “Pyramid-Clover” was the name of the movie studio that me and my close friend Skot Shaub would use to refer to our early animations, made in Microsoft 3-D Movie Maker.
  • The NFPA 704 symbol (hazardous material diamond) is actually accurate — I generated it via a sign website, and the values such as flammability and reactivity are real.



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