Ace Card and Joker magnifigures from my forthcoming LEGO Alice in Wonderland parody. For the Ace of Hearts and Ace of Diamonds, the red letter As are actually homemade waterslide decals, since I couldn’t find adequate miniature alphabet stickers in the color red. I didn’t realize it until I applied the decals that the print should be mirrored, hence the As are clearly reversed. As for the Ace of Spades and Ace of Clubs, the black letter As are actually alphabet decals I purchased from Michaels; legible small letter stickers are surprisingly hard to find. With the Joker, I bet you’re wondering why the Ks are both lowercase: well, the sticker pack of alphabet decals only contained one capital letter K, for some bizarre reason. Thus, I had no choice but to use two lowercase ones instead. The Joker’s head is from Mr. Incredible, and his hat is of course Harley Quinn’s. His overall design was similar to the four aces, with some minor differences in the arms and legs, with notable longer limbs.


Alice has a new opponent: the deadly Ace of Clubs! Beware – it’s clubberin’ time!


For poor Alice, diamonds are a girl’s worst enemy. Behold – the insidious Ace of Diamonds!


Deep into the heart of battle rides the Queen’s loyal vanguard, the Ace of Hearts!


I won’t dare the Queen, the only guard she needs is the Ace of Spades, THE ACE OF SPADES!!


. . . And don’t forget THE JOKER!!

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