For this particular prop label for Reel Splatter‘s “I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday”, I crammed in multiple references to Texas Chainsaw Massacre II (1986):

  • The tagline “No secret, it’s the meat!” was said by Drayton Sawyer in the film during the Texas & Oklahoma Chili Cook-off scene when describing the special ingredient.
  • The bottom has a blurb for “hard-shell peppercorns”, which Drayton quips to to refer to the human tooth bitten by the contest judge.
  • The copy info on the right side makes reference to the Sawyer family from the film franchise, and contains the quote from Drayton in the second movie. It also makes reference to Drayton’s victory in the film’s Texas & Oklahoma Chili Cook-off contest.
  • In the ingredients section, many of the items were extracted from recipes for cooked human meat on Bill Mosley’s Chop-Top character’s website Chop-Top’s Barbecue.
  • The design for this can was inspired by both Hormel brand chili and Campbell’s Chunky Soup.



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