The iconic image used as a de-facto logo for most of Reel Splatter‘s branding since 2007, this is the “Feilmeier Machete” logo as a t-shirt. This particular design was made by accident when I was applying various filters and techniques to promotional photos of John Feilmeier — an old friend of ours and veteran Reel Splatter actor. The promo photos contained Mike Lombardo dressed in a gas mask as the Dr. Chud mascot terrorizing John, who was pretending to take bathroom mirror selfies in a photo shoot to satirize MySpace. When I converted one of the photos to three colors (red, black, and white), Mike Lombardo was utterly dazzled and wanted to have this design used as the next t-shirt graphic. Soon we created stickers, shirts, and hoodies featuring this design — the shirts and hoodies were specially made to glow in the dark!


Here’s me and Mike Lombardo wearing our respective shirt and hoodie in early 2009, when I was 24 and Mike was 22:


At the Lancaster Area Film Festival of summer 2009, here’s the me and the Reel Splatter crew wearing our shirts. I’m the one third from left, wearing black trousers and pitching the devil horns:


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