This is a prototype design I made for a Reel Splatter ladies’ shirt using slightly-altered images of the previous Reel Splatter shirt. This design has higher contrast, less detail on the blood, and the reds are brighter and less purplish. So far, only one was ever printed, and was given by me to Mike Lombardo’s girlfriend Kaleigh Brodbeck as a gift in summer 2014. I’m going to revise this to have the text on the bottom, so that ladies’ breasts won’t warp the text (that’s actually what happened when Kaleigh wore it, and it’s hard to read).

ReelSplatter_BabyDoll_WhiteBelow is a photo of Kaleigh and Mr. Lombardo — both her and her man are wearing their respective Reel Splatter shirts with Lloyd Kaufman of Troma!


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