I built this huge mosaic wall from the remnants of my particular Wii The People mosaic walls for Nintendo World’s LEGO City: Undercover release party. I used a wide variety of colors and special techniques to make the artwork rather vivid; the entire image is a composite of various sprites and characters to celebrate the NES, SNES, and Game Boy eras! A particular fan noticed that several of the sprites — namely Mega Man and Simon Belmont were from third-party companies that featured those characters on other systems. My response? The sprites contained in this mural aren’t exactly representative of Nintendo as a whole, rather each character/item is representative of its respective game on an individual basis. For instance, Simon Belmont’s sprite isn’t necessarily intended to pay tribute to Konami’s Castlevania franchise as a whole, instead, it’s a tribute to the specific NES title where he appears! The same can be said about Bomberman and the Tetris sprite; the latter is deliberately colored in pale green, to represent the Game Boy version of the game.

Build your own (tutorial on Instructables)


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