Articulated puppet of Milhaus from my LEGO brickfilm animation Bort Sampson. This is course was based off the real Bart Simpson’s bespectacled friend Milhouse.

This is an elaborate and ambitious mixed-media project that I’ve been gradually producing since late October 2019, which blends stop-motion with live action – similar to my Zelda Cereal Animation and Shrek Chicken Nuggets videos.

Without giving away any spoilers, this video involves Bort and Milhaus engaging in combat over some gasoline discovered in a nature park in Sprungfeld. The main set was a large tabletop scene of LEGO flowers and trees, with a lot of backgrounds and B-roll reused. The climax features a large mountainside set constructed of Springfeld Gorge. Each puppet was built with the same articulation and design patterns of my previous Link and Kokiri kid puppets in the Zelda Cereal video, such as the usage of Mixels joints.

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