The concept for this photo shoot came from my close pal Mike Lombardo of Reel Splatter Productions: “Mennonite of the living Dead” was a cancelled indie horror film he planned on making. Nonetheless, I decided to borrow the idea, and thus I’ve made a zombie Amish magnifigure in a similar style to my sigfig — only this one is more articulated. I took the photos for this on an evening in a graveyard in Manhasset, NY. This shot required me to kneel down on the ground and place my camera directly in the grass. I ran into major issues with both the zombie and my sigfig constantly toppling over, and during the long exposure times (often between 10-30 seconds) this caused my images to get distorted with blur. Another problem was a lamp post across the street which was casting too much direct hard lighting on the figures’ faces.

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