In my LEGO Legend of Zelda Cereal Video, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with the details such as the graphics for the cereal box.

The box layout itself was designed by me in Adobe Illustrator, using a combination of vector images, text, and photos which I shot – notably the LEGO Link puppet. The actual layout was based on the box artwork of brands from Quaker Oats, hence the parody Brunk Amish man logo at the top:

The photo of the bowl for the front was taken after the B-roll from the video, during the cereal-pouring montage. Early takes of the milk-pouring used a mixture of baking soda and water as substitute milk, since I didn’t want real milk to go rancid under the hot studio lights. The baking soda concoction didn’t really work out well, so I just grabbed a carton of soy milk and used that instead (don’t judge me). The wonky cereal pieces are a reference to the actual Zelda breakfast cereal from the ’90s: the cereal pieces were supposed to resemble items from the game, but looked nothing like what they were supposed to be. That’s why the heart container, Ocarina of Time, and Triforce marshmallows are so plain and basic:

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