Spring 2016 was when I finished my quintessential Baron von Brunk Head Sculpture – so now 4 years later, I’ve one-upped myself by taking on a life size head sculpture of one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time!

This is a project that I’ve been gradually working on since February, following the completion of my Bort Sampson animation when I was in the mood to create more Simpsons-related projects. The construction of most of the head was rather straightforward, with the major challenges mainly involving the round shape of the top half of the head. In fact, major changes with the shape of the head were a factor in taking so long to finish the project, as well as when I waited for batches of curved yellow LEGO pieces to arrive in the mail.

The base was simple and merely consisted of cascading white slopes. Right before completion, I wasn’t satisfied with the shape and design of Homer’s eyes, so further release was delayed as I ordered new parts to slightly expand them; the original eyes were slightly smaller and had subtle eyelids.

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