Metal: it’s harder than rock. But a world without metal does not rock.

This is a rejected short film submission originally made for an official LEGO Ideas contest from February/March 2021 in which contestants were required to make a 30-second brickfilm animation to portray in a comical manner what life would have been like without Medieval blacksmiths. After painstakingly creating my animation over the course of a few weeks, I managed to render a quick contest cut mere hours before the contest’s deadline. Then the next day I got disqualified for making pop culture references to third party intellectual property, which went against the contest guidelines. With nothing left to lose, I edited my video to be longer and with some of the old jokes intact. When watching this video, make sure to keep at least one eye open, as you may recognize some familiar celebrity cameos!


Julius von Brunk as The Narrator/Blacksmith, The Jester
Internet Historian
as The King
Swedish Climate Goblin as herself
Video production, writing, LEGO animation, editing, and audio editing: Julius von Brunk
Extra music sampled from Skot Shaub of


Stop-motion animation footage – Nikon D5200
Video editing – Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects
Stop-motion recording – Dragonframe
Animation computer – Dell Inspirion 5759, Windows 10
Editing computer – Dell XPS 8930, Windows 10

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