My largest Disney Mech Warrior ever built to date, this massive, lanky beast is an update to my previous mechs from 2017 – Mecha Mouse and Ducktank. I started working on this in early 2020, but took a break in April when I moved into my new apartment in Manhattan. I eventually resumed production when settled in, and completed the video shortly thereafter.

The internal structure for this creation was based on a template design by Mishima Productions called the Mech Frame 02. After using Mishima’s design as a starting point, I made several key changes and a lot of creative liberties to maintain the color aesthetics of the Goofy character. The joints mainly use ratcheting Technic ball and socket joints for stability. This means he has some stiffness and trouble walking, but has lots of stability. The torso is where I spent the most time and effort, since I had to specially accommodate the cockpit to fit the irregularly shaped Goofy minifigure.

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