More props for the Reel Splatter movie “I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday”, here are some fictional can labels for the bomb shelter scene.

  • Escobar is a reference to one of Mike Lombardo’s short stories “Weekend at Escobar’s” — a tale of Mexican drug cartels and snuff movies, hence the blurb about a weekend at Escobar’s in the the can’s copywriting.
  • The background is made of a combination of public domain Hawaii photos, along with a vector pattern for a Hawaiian-themed shirt I designed for the Las Vegas 51’s baseball team.
  • JFG Foods is made in honor of horror author J.F. Gonzalez, who unfortunately passed away in late 2014. He was an author from Lancaster, PA, and who inspired Mike Lombardo in his writings.J.F. lived in a town called Litiz, hence the fictional address, and “Beloved” was the title of one his books.
  • The working title for the fictional logo was “JFG”, a parody of IGA Foods (hence the red oval), but unfortunately the word JFG looked too much like “JPG”.
  • The nutrition facts were taken from real photos of Dole canned fruits.
  • Like the other labels in this series, the best part is the ingredients list!

Oranges-Sheet Pineapple-Sheetcans2a

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