36 years old, I am still alive. Once again I guess I didn’t die!

October 27 was officially Brunktöberfest 2020, and although I’m not going to insult your intelligence by pretending this year has been wonderful for everyone else, it has however not been nearly as bad for me. For instance, in April I successfully moved from Queens to Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and I’m currently looking to move again to a nicer place. Not to mention over the summer I succeeded in getting hired for a really nice job at CitiBank’s corporate offices, despite not actually applying for the job (yes, I’m that much of an Alpha Chad that I can pull that off). Eventually the universe will fix itself and we’ll make New York Great Again, then I’ll resume production of any outstanding animations like my Alice in Wonderland video – still bogged down in production hell.

I’m also still working on an advanced and elaborate new LEGO Nintendo Transformer – and because now that LEGO Group has finally gotten their act together and partnered with Nintendo, I very well may submit my project to Ideas for voting. Who knows.

Hail to the Baron!

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